Global Choice Foods is a progressive wholesale company. We strive to assist our business partners with food service supply chain operations to achieve long term goals. We do this by building strong, profitable relationships based on mutual understanding, respect and agreement. Our business partners can spend more time building their businesses by ensuring complete, undamaged and temporary delivery of services. It is an honor for our team to provide every customer with the attention they deserve. We are very proud of this. Employees are rewarded for a job well done, which leads to a high degree of employee retention. Allowing Global Choice Foods to provide a consistent service through the food service supply chain. If you choose to partner with Global Choice foods, you can always count on high-quality products. By using high quality products, your business can increase sales, reduce shrinkage, deliver efficient labor costs and increase margins.

  • Importer, wholesaler and distributor of ethnic food products, cosmetics and other non-food products. </ li >
  • Ideally located in Food Center Amsterdam.
  • Distributor to Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
  • Next day delivery, ask for more information.
  • Customer oriented, our goal as a wholesaler is to create customer value. </ li >
  • Successful through excellence, striving to continuously improve our services.
  • Authentic, our way of doing business is based on integrity, transparency and authenticity. & nbsp; & nbsp;